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Event/Issue Coverage:

*Same-Sex marriage legalized: Moving towards equality for all 

*Women’s Center opens in Mt. Auburn 

Women’s Expo held on Fountain’s Square 

Black Lives Matter March: Justice for Rekia Boyd

Contact Center celebrates Social Security’s 80th birthday 

The struggle for equity in public education: The demise of House Bill 80 

*UC police officer Ray Tensing indicted for murder 

Op-ed: Black Lives Matter demands recognition during Bernie Sanders speech 

the post

These are pieces that I wrote for The Post, the daily newspaper at Ohio University.

*Stars indicate the pieces I am most proud of.

February 2016

Dress codes force women to worry about being sexualized at school and work

November 2015

Vigil held in honor of International Transgender Day of Remembrance 

Trans Education Week to be held in line with International Trans Remembrance Day 

Crafternoon in Ohio University LGBT Center allows for safe space

October 2015

Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costumes could be offensive to LGBT individuals 

New Women’s Center director to hold a ‘fat activism’ panel, meet and greet 

Ohio University’s Women’s Center celebrates ‘Love Your Body’ Day 

*Prior sexual experiences could defer one from donating blood, FDA in process of changing policy 

The Ohio University LGBT Center will team up with several other activist groups for a combined pride presence at the Homecoming Parade 

Old Lesbians Organizing for Change to speak on ageism 

September 2015

Companion app co-founder speaks on unexpected success 

Ohio University Women’s Center to hold screening of ‘The Purity Myth’ 

Local trainer to hold women’s self-defense and personal safety training workshop Friday 

*Site created by Scripps associate dean looks to bust trolls, encourage women to speak openly online

*Polyamorous relationships redefine commitment, love 

August 2015

Ohio University filled its vacant spot of director of the Women’s Center

OU LGBT Center invites community to attend pride event Saturday

June 2015

*LGBT-Inclusive preferred name and pronoun policy approved for the 2015-2016 academic year 

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April 2015

West Green students being offered more healthy options 

Writers try to sidestep stereotypes when writing LGBT characters 

Athens local restaurants limited by small seating capacity 

March 2015

Faces of pride posters to be hung around campus 

New LGBT-friendly lecture offered this year to help better train OU medical students

*Wanted: Healthy food for Ohio University students on West Green

In Athens, Ohio University students can cause trouble with Court St shuffles 

International Women’s Day festival highlighted cultural appreciation 

February 2015

*Conventional dating: Is it dying, or being enhanced for generation Y? 

January 2015

Goodfella’s and Big Mamma’s seen as late-night food havens of Athens 

*Women’s Center lone male worker inspires LGBT students

Students with new year fitness goals make mistakes on their track to healthy living 

December 2014

Athens begins to celebrate holiday season

November 2014

*Hip-Hop Shop relocates after fire 

Inspiration: Student volunteers for food donations

October 2014

Benefit concert for Spinal Muscular Atrophy this Saturday

FuckRapeCulture plans march, rally

Cliftones, Boomslang and Wanyama to play Friday 

September 2014

Quartet to perform, work with students 


These are longer-form pieces I wrote for my high school newsmagazine, Spark, which I was also an editor for.

* Stars indicate pieces I am most proud of.

*Home (Isn’t) Where the Heart Is 

Touching Base 

Sounds from the Basement 

The Duff Report 

Friend or Faux 

The Illuminaudi 

The Knight Shift